Common Oral health mistakes

Common Oral health mistakes

Click on the arrows to see some of the common oral health mistakes on our list!⠀

👉Forgetting to Brush⠀
Failure to brush on a daily basis leads to problems with tooth decay and gum disease. If you commonly forget to brush, set an alarm on your phone so you remember to brush morning and night.⠀

👉Changing Your Toothbrush⠀
A toothbrush scrubs away a lot of bacteria, but there is a good chance a lot of bacteria sticks to the bristles of an older toothbrush. We recommend replacing your toothbrush every two to three months.⠀

Daily flossing is a must to remove bacteria and excess food from the mouth. Food becomes stuck between the teeth, and it will increase the likelihood that you will have decay in these areas.⠀

👉Storing Your Toothbrush⠀
If you toss your toothbrush into a drawer, it’s picking up bacteria! Use a holder to store it upright so the water drips off, and to ensure it has access to air to dry out.⠀

👉Not Using Fluoride⠀
Toothpaste with fluoride helps to strengthen the enamel and reverses the early stages of gingivitis.⠀

👉Sharing a Toothbrush⠀
Toothbrush sharing isn’t cute; it’s sharing bacteria with each other. That bacteria on the toothbrush can cause tooth decay to your teeth or your partner’s teeth. Avoid sharing and use your own toothbrush!⠀

👉Brush Your Tongue⠀
The tongue is often forgotten about when brushing the teeth. Always remember to scrub your tongue to remove the bacteria. Scrubbing your tongue can assist in reducing bad breath problems as well.⠀

Use mouthwash to gargle daily and reduce gum disease concerns.⠀

👉Avoiding the Dentist⠀
Dental cleanings are vital for proper oral health. We offer routine dental cleanings, treatment of bad breath and preventive treatments. With air polishing we can remove stains from everyday life and add that sparkle to your smile.

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